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Shave and exfoliate  12-24 hrs before appointment. No lotions oils perfumes, makeup or deodorants--anything that would cause a barrier to the solution absorbing into the skin. We do not recommend any super oily exfoliants like tree hut-- typically an exfoliant that is meant to prep for spray tans are best. Please do not come to your spray tan appointment with any residual sunless tanner on you. this is a chemical reaction with the amino acids in your skin and if you already have a sunless tan it will not absorb correctly or evenly with a spray tan. please do not come to your appointment with a sunburn.. your skin is so badly damaged from the burn that a sunless tan can make you peel in patches.. its not pretty. if you need a sunscreen that will protect you during the summer days..we have one that works great when applied correctly.


You are welcome to wear your underwear, bathing suit, or even your birthday suit. If you are a male, please wear a sock or briefs NO EXCEPTIONS. After the spray tan, we suggest wearing dark, baggy clothing, and flip-flops. On rainy days consider wearing clothes that will cover you when you walk to your car, polka dots are not cute. On hot sunny days, consider parts of your skin that often sweat (back of knees, inner elbow armpits) and have a barrier so nothing will rub on your tan. This can prevent your tan from processing completely.

If you are following skincare prep and post-care instructions, you should get at least 7 great days out of your tan. Some say they get up to 2 weeks by using our Toxic Skincare line, which you can find here on the shelves in our salon. Your face will fade faster because naturally we wash our face more and use more skincare products on it. We suggest following your normal skincare routine and adding a face tan mist to the mix every few days to keep your face glowing with the rest of your body!

We suggest you get your tan 2-3 days before an event. If you're leaving for a vacation then i would get the tan as closest to the time you're leaving so it lasts as much of vacation as possible.

no. we use high quality solutions, tinted bronzers and proper application and education for the tan so as long as you take pre and post care instruction you will never turn orange.

We use only accelerated tans at Glowgetters. you can shower 1-4 hours after your tan depending on skin tone, desired shade.. your tech will let you know whats best for your desired result.

yes absolutely. if you are in a really chlorinated pool then it may not last quite as long as it would in the perfect conditions but using a mineral lotion sunscreen as a physical barrer for the chlorine will help. also extra moisturizing!!

YESSS and not in the "eh its ok i guess but im inconvenienced" kind of way. Yes in the "we have dedicated a room with toys and murals and video games so your kids love it here" Any age. Please don't feel like you're putting us out. You


no. we do have washable silk mitts that are the best way to take an old tan off and prepare for a new one.

lets keep it real. i own a product line for sunless tans.. i could be biased. i think our line of moisturizers are the absolute best. but i will say that if i could've found a sunless moisturizer with clean ingredients on that back that nourished self tanners and didnt cost a ton... i woudn't have gone through so much trouble.

NO. unfortunately they give you no protection from the sun, we suggest a mineral lotion sunscreen to create a physical barrier here

Usually splotchiness, uneven fading and the tan getting warmer colored as time goes on is due to ph levels. we suggest a mild surfectant ph balanced cleaner that nourishes your tan and your skin. heres ours

if you follow our aftercare directions you should have no splotchiness. if you please call us. we have free 24hr touch ups

dove soap has a high ph that will make your spray tan splotchy, fade unevenly and appear warmer in color after a few days. it also leaves a residue on your skin and it uses a harsh surfactant

Jess writes all the labels


we are at 4 union st in Bangor. We are under the bridge beside carolinas and across from seadog

if you're under 18 then you need parents consent.

We use the highest quality solutions. We arent tied to any particular brands and we carry 4 brands in the salon at all times that we mix to your skin tone. If there is an allergy please email us and we can get you an ingredient list. besides that.. this is our special sauce. Our mixes are so true to natural tans and we just cant give that secret away willy nilly.

Please email if you need to speak to Jess!

A deposit is for no show/ late cancellation fees. unfortunately the booking system can't differentiate who needs to pay a deposit and who doesn't. when you pay a deposit it goes onto your client account and it stays there and can be used towards products or your next package. if you do not want to pay the deposit and you have tans on your account then you can text 2075730289. i find it works best if you find the appointment time you'd like on the booking site and just message "cindy woo hoo friday 11/14 9:35"

teeth whitening

We have not had anyone complain of tooth pain. if you feel pain in the first 5 minutes let us know and we will help you get the whitening gel off and will not charge you.

your teeth re stain depending upon your lifestyle. We have found the whitening lasts typically 6-12 months but if you smoke a pack a day and swish red wine you will probably not get quite the same time.

So the way the whitening works is that the tubules (pores) of your teeth get opened up and cleaned out. it normally takes 24-48 hours for them to close naturally. While theyre still open anything you eat with color will getting to the open pores and you risk staining them more quickly. the remineralization seals the stains out. it's a mouth guard you wear on your drive home and its minty fresh and definitely worth it to keep your new white smile extra white.

We use a teeth whitening gel that is used in dental offices all over the country. The biggest difference is that you will apply the gel yourself. we won't actually touch your teeth just guide you through the process.

Yes! Clients can expect to get anywhere from 2-18 shades whiter Keep in mind that we cannot whiten your teeth beyond their natural color. People with alot of staining are going to see bigger results then someone who has white teeth when they walk in.

We use a dental grade teeth whitening system that is 16% hydrogen peroxide.

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