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Smell Ya Later Post Spray Tan
Smell Ya Later Post Spray Tan
Smell Ya Later Post Spray Tan

Smell Ya Later Post Spray Tan

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Post-Spray Tan Smell Reducer 

Not everyone is affected by the post-spray stink, but for your customers that are you are going to want to offer this product. There are about 30% of customers who experience a ripe smell in their armpits after a spray tan – but with this upgrade, you will be inviting these customers back to your salon for a sunless tan, without the stink! No one wants the fear of being a stinky bitch for the next 24 hours.

After spray tanning, your gorgeous customers (before the finishing powder is applied), apply Smell Ya Later with your spray gun (make sure the gun is opened up enough that it is actually spraying because it is a little thicker than the solution), apply to the affected areas i.e., the armpits, and backsides. It should only be a fine mist that dries within a few seconds and then apply the Toxic Finishing Powder and voila, smell ya later gator!

Smell Ya Later Post Spray Tan

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